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Ohio Integrated Care Providers

Ohio Integrated Care Providers (OICP) was formed as an Ohio Nonprofit LLC by Quality Care Partners in 2015 to create a value based network for Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), an Accountable Care Initiative and Clinical Integration strategies. OICP is wholly owned by Quality Care Partners, a Physician Hospital Organization (PHO). www.qualitycarepartners.com.

Our Mission

The mission of Ohio Integrated Care Providers is to maximize the value of healthcare services delivered to our patients through the ongoing efforts and collaboration of the physician members and hospital partners. The mission will be furthered through the development and operation of a patient centered Medicare Shared Savings Program and a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) of health care providers.


Ohio Integrated Care Providers will be the pathway for successful transition from the current to the future state of health care by achieving the three part aim:

Improved quality of care and better patient outcomes;

Enhanced patient care experience; and

Affordable medical care.


We believe patient engagement works best at the point of care and the development of the patient-doctor relationship. We will develop processes to promote care coordination within and among providers and suppliers both inside and outside the ACO.